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Reducing GHG emissions and decarbonizing our economies is essential to limit climate change. At SWING Biomethane, we transform organic residues and agriculture waste into sustainable energy. We bring a long term perspective and we partner with local developpers to develop, finance and operate sustainable biomethane plants in Europe.

Added value

Our added value

We understand the various challenges of projects developement and we support local developpers at an early development stage.

We share the development risks and provide the knowledge and expertise that are instrumental to secure a project and move it to the Ready to Build stage.

Our goal is to develop, finance, built and operate assets that deliver sustainable environmental benefits.


Agriculture residues and organic residues ⇒ Biogas + Organic fertilizer


The biogas produced by SWING Biomethane is purified and upgraded into biomethane. Biomethane is equivalent to the natural gas used every day by households or industries.

The Biomethane can be either injected into the gas grid or liquefied into BioLNG for the transportation sector.

The European Union has implemented ambitious targets to increase the production of biomethane in Europe as a way to decarbonize the gas sector.


Our team of seasoned professionals brings a strong knowledge and expertise in the fields of Anaerobic Digestion, Renewable Energy, Project Finance & Utilities Operation.

Business developement

Business development

  • Project management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Understanding of permitting and local regulations
  • Knowledge of European regulations and incentives
  • Identifying subsidies

Biomethane expertise

  • Feedstock assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design of assets and review of detailed engineering
  • Liquefaction/bioLNG
  • Knowledge of the technologies and suppliers
  • Strong industry network


Financial expertise

  • Equity partner
  • Structuring project finance debt
  • Negotiation and contracting with lenders 
  • BPA negotiation and contracting with reputable offtakers
  • Assessment of feed-in tariff opportunities


  • EPC expertise, for both brownfield and greenfield projects
  • Construction contract management
  • Commissioning & performance warranties
  • Grid connection or bioLNG output

Operation & maintenance

  • Feestock management
  • Plant operation
  • Maintenance contracting and management
  • Performance optimizations
  • Health & safety standards


We integrate ESG criteria in our projects and operations to propose local and sustainable solutions.

Sustainable feedstocks

We carefully source and select  the organic residues that we turn into sustainable energy. Our feedstocks are :

  • Residues of agriculture or farming
  • Compliant with the EU Red II directive
  • Not used for food/feed production

Sustainable fertilizers

We provide farmers with a sustainable fertilizer derived from the production of biomethane (the digestate). It helps reducing their dependance on fossil fertilizers and it contributes to GHG emissions reduction targets in Europe 

Local communities


We partner with local farmers to collect and transfom their organic wastes and residues. We work with local companies to build the plants and we create local jobs for the operations


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